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Important Details

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Please take note of these details about our driveway services.

Bad Weather

If it rains the day your driveway is scheduled, you can expect us the next day unless we contact you.

Surface Preparation

While our crews will clean your driveway, you must clean all lawn fertilizer, car soap, tire cleaner, and heavy mud from your drive at least 2 days prior to sealing. Driveway sealer does not adhere well to wet surfaces, so your drive should not be wet 24 hours before and after sealing. Do not have your lawn treated within one to two weeks before we come. Car cleaning products, especially tire cleaner, may stain and damage the coating if not completely washed off. Make sure that lawn sprinklers that could affect the drive, including neighbor’s sprinklers, are turned off for at least 24 hours after sealing is complete.

After the Job is Complete

STAY OFF THE DRIVEWAY FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS AFTER IT HAS BEEN SEALED. Some scuffing may occur in the first few weeks after the drive is coated, especially with the twisting of tires, until the coating is cured.

We want to emphasize that sealcoating is a preventative maintenance and will not restore a deteriorated driveway. The sealer that we use is a high quality commercial sealer and we go the extra step of modifying the sealer with a polymer additive, which increases adhesion and durability while minimizing tracking. While we do all we can to eliminate tracking, some may occur on certain kinds of floor coverings. Consult with your flooring professional if you experience such a problem.

If you feel a second coat would benefit you, we can apply it for an additional cost. Feel free to call our office for a discounted second coat price. In most cases, we don’t feel this is necessary. Multiple coatings on a drive contribute to a smoother and slicker surface so a non-skid surface should be applied for better traction. We can apply a non-skid coating for an additional charge. A non-skid surface will alter the appearance of you drive.