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Patching to Last

Patchwork is a necessary obligation if you are a business. Don’t put your company at risk of a lawsuit by leaving potholes, crumbling areas or large dips unattended. After a long winter of snowplows running through your lot and vehicles bringing in harmful salts and chemicals, take a walk through your parking lot with us and you’ll be amazed at how economical our patching proposal will be. No job is too small for our efficient experienced crew.

Different Types of Patchwork

Before you start looking for bids to repair your deteriorated asphalt, you should understand a little bit about the different types of patchwork. Many companies will come in from out of town, going door to door stating they can fix your potholes. Then they throw down some mix, roll quickly over it, and leave you wondering what you just paid them to do. The type of patching they are doing is called skin patching. When done correctly, this can be a very effective way to get a couple extra years out of your asphalt. However, few companies take the time and care to do PROPER skin patching the way Perrysburg Asphalt would. First, the areas being patched must be thoroughly cleaned of all loose dirt and debris. Next, a tack coat should be applied to help the new asphalt adhere to the old. Then the new aspahlt is placed in the area, slightly higher than the grade to allow for compaction. Once properly compacted, the edges should be sealed with liquid asphalt.

PLEASE be sure to review the bids you have to see if all these steps are included in your patchwork. What you might think is a bid of comparable work may be less in cost because of the old addage, “You get what you pay for.” While skin patching has its place, (we do bid it as such at times) do not hold it next to a bid to saw-cut and replace and wonder why the prices differ greatly.

Perrysburg Asphalt will typically bid most patchwork to last. This includes saw-cutting around the failed area, being sure to go far enough outside the edge so further cracking and crumbling does not happen just outside your newly patched area. We will then remove the old asphalt, usually all the way down to the stone base. After inspecting the base and adding any aggregate if necessary, we will then patch the area with new hot-mix state specified asphalt according to our bid specs. Again, after proper compaction, the seams between the old and new asphalt will be sealed with liquid asphalt.

Catch Basins

We can repair all types of collapsed or damaged catch basins. If desired, we will give you the option for both a concrete collar or aspahlt. Get rid of the standing water in your lots due to failing drainage systems by calling us today.

Residential Patching

If your driveway is failing in areas but you aren’t quite ready for a whole new driveway, we can help. Is the asphalt dipping where it meets the garage or sidewalk? We can fix that! Are the edges crumbling because people cut the corner when pulling into your home? We can fix that! You’ll be surprised how you can get by a few extra years, while adding value to your home, with our residential patchwork.