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The Driveway Specialists

Residential removal and replacement continues to be our specialty. Our lean, efficient crew can tear our your old driveway and pave the new surface in a matter of hours.

What to Expect

A typical removal and replacement begins with getting rid of your old driveway. Using a skid loader and hand tools, our crew will carefully dispose of the old asphalt, making sure not to damage any concrete edges or lawn areas. The old asphalt is then hauled away and dumped at an approved dump site.

The next step is inspecting the base underneath. We go into each r/r job planning to re-use the existing base, but are ready to add any aggregate (stone) as necessary. A good stone base is between 6″ and 8″. The base is then graded to allow for proper water flow and drainage.

Now comes the paving. Our paver can create one pass anywhere from 8.5 feet to 13 feet wide, so we must determine how many passes must be used. The paving begins as our dump trucks bring the hot mix state specified asphalt to the job. A standard residential driveway should be 2 1/2″ thick after compaction. IF YOU ARE GETTING MULTIPLE BIDS, BE SURE TO TAKE NOTE OF HOW THICK THE DRIVEWAY WILL BE. Many less than reputable paving companies will try to save money by paving less than 2 1/2″. No matter what company you use, always be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are a trusted, BONDED and LICENSED company like Perrysburg Asphalt.

As the newly poured asphalt begins to cool, our one ton roller will compact the surface while the rest of our crew hand tamps the edges for a neat clean edge.

Once your new driveway passes our quality inspection by our experienced foreman, the end of the drive is blocked off from any unwanted traffic. We recommend that you do not drive on it for 3 days, and do not park on it for at least one week.

After a year has passed, your new driveway should be sealcoatingĀ to help protect your investment. Asphalt should be sealed every two or three years.